James F. Humphries, Jr. Colonel, USAF, (retired)

“Betsy Wagner has penned a poignant and gripping novel of a young Kentucky woman named Sydnie Gaston, who accompanied her family to homestead the undeveloped Mexican territory . . . Surely everyone who reads this book will become personally vested in the tragic loss of the Alamo and its brave defenders, and saddened at the grief of the loved ones they left behind in mortal fear of Santa Anna’s pursuing army. ”

Linda Barfield, Alamo Couriers Chapter Daughters of the Republic of Texas

“This is the heart wrenching story of a young girl who comes to the Texas frontier with her family. They do not fully realize the extent of the hardships and dangers they will endure. The book tells the history of the Texas revolution in an interesting and personal way through the eyes of the girl who becomes a young woman. While reading, I kept thinking about my own pioneer ancestors.”